Word Pronunciation Meaning More Information
Cornfield kawrn-feeld a field in which corn is grown... Dictionary
Acclamation ak-luh-mey-shuhn a loud shout or other demonstration of welcome, goodwill, or approval... Dictionary
Preventable pri-vent to keep from occurring; avert; hinder... Dictionary
Interested in-ter-uh-stid, -truh-stid, -tuh-res-tid having an interest in something; concerned... Dictionary
Flourishes flur-ish, fluhr- to be in a vigorous state; thrive... Dictionary
Without with-out, with- with the absence, omission, or avoidance of; not with; with no or none of; lacki... Dictionary
Touchstone tuhch-stohn a test or criterion for the qualities of a thing... Dictionary
Prepay pree-pey to pay or arrange to pay beforehand or before due... Dictionary
Cyclic sahy-klik, sik-lik revolving or recurring in cycles; characterized by recurrence in cycles... Dictionary
Stunned stuhn to deprive of consciousness or strength by or as if by a blow, fall, etc.... Dictionary

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