Word Pronunciation Meaning More Information
Eleven ih-lev-uhn a cardinal number, ten plus one... Dictionary
Goes gohz 3rd pers. sing. pres. indic. o... Dictionary
Examination ig-zam-uh-ney-shuhn the act of examining; inspection; inquiry; investigation... Dictionary
Indicative in-dik-uh-tiv showing, signifying, or pointing out; expressive or suggestive (usually fol. by ... Dictionary
Spectators spek-tey-ter, spek-tey- a person who looks on or watches; onlooker; observer... Dictionary
Disheveled dih-shev-uhld hanging loosely or in disorder; unkempt... Dictionary
Impossible im-pos-uh-buhl not possible; unable to be, exist, happen, etc... Dictionary
Tentacle ten-tuh-kuhl any of various slender, flexible processes or appendages in animals, esp. invert... Dictionary
Blackboard blak-bawrd, -bohrd a sheet of smooth, hard material, esp. dark slate, used in schools, lecture room... Dictionary
Table tey-buhl an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slablike top supported on one or m... Dictionary

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